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The problem is in the air


Harmful nanoparticles can be inhaled, triggering allergy attacks or other unhealthy negative reactions, yet they are virtually invisible.


From annual influenza to the COVID-19 pandemic, and worse, some of the most severe airborne threats are the most microscopic.


Airborne contamination by chemicals or biological agent or smoke are so small they can enter your bloodstream via your eyes, nose, mouth and lungs.

The solution is in the box

ATMOFIZER Air Purification

  • Filterless

    Save the planet with no filter changes ever = emptier landfills. Atmofizer is filterless, vastly reducing the cost of ownership.

  • Ultrasonic

    Opposing ultrasonic sound waves bond nano-sized particles together like a snowball and slow them down for the kill.

  • Ultraviolet

    A grid of crossing UV-C lights penetrate the bunches of harmful particles, neutralizing them to be safely expelled.

  • Neutralization

    UL-Verified (V221639): “Reduces 99.99% of airborne viruses and bacteria in treated air.” The result is cleaner, breatheable air.

Protect Your Family Today

Destroy allergens, mold, odors, bacteria and viruses in every room of your home.

Total Cost of Ownership

ATMOFIZER vs. Everyone

Simply Breathe Better

The process is new, simple - yet powerful.

Revolutionary Technology

For over 80 years, air filtration has been focused on HEPA filters as the highest standard. The mesh holes have gotten smaller and smaller. Unfortunately the most dangerous ultra-fine particles (UFPs) are smaller than the human eye can see and no HEPA or MERV filter could ever stop them all. Newer ineffective solutions, like Ozone, cause more harm than help to a body. Enter Atmofizer. UV-C light has been used before, however the UFPs moved through it too fast to be effectively eliminated. Atmofizer slows microscopic particles down with ultrasonic sound waves so they are exposed and neutralized.

Independent Lab Results

30 minute reduction rates. Results were achieved in a 1m3 test chamber while running the unit at the high speed setting.

  • Why Atmofizer?

    For as long as I can remember, I'd wake-up every morning and grab a tissue to blow my nose. I was stuffed-up from the AC or the heat or allergies; until ten months ago when a friend suggested the Atmofizer Air Purifier and, I've NEVER used a Kleenex since. I was so impressed, I pursued the manufacturing company to become their US distributor, because I believe there should be an Atmofizer in every space, so everyone, can breathe better.

    - David Lee Jensen, CEO, USA Tech Direct

  • German Engineering

    A brilliant German scientist observed that filtration methods like HEPA and MERV cannot fully stop the most tiny and dangerous particles like viruses & bacteria. He invented a way to use ultrasonic sound waves to combine these particles into bigger elements so they can be blasted with UV light.

  • American Manufacturing

    All of our new products are now proudly built in the USA; with the highest standards of manufacturing and cutting-edge technology. And, Atmofizer products are covered by a minimum, one-year warranty - no questions asked.


What customers say about Atmofizer

As a professional singer, I’ve performed in thousands of different venues around the world, both old and new. As you can imagine, pollen, dust, bacteria, special effect smoke and more can affect the air quality and subsequently the effect they have on the voice. The Atomfizer has leveled the playing field for me in terms of air quality. With the Atomfizer running I feel like I can breathe easier, my nasal passage has opened and anything that was ‘in the air’ seems to be gone. Not only do I have it running in my home, but without a doubt, I will be traveling with it to every venue in which I perform.

The Atmofizer works great! We put it in my daughters room, she has bad allergies and now she’s got some relief. It also removed the odor from our dog’s wee-wee pad in the bathroom. The great thing is that it doesn't leave the strange ozone smell like the last machine we had. The air just smells and feels clean. On the lowest setting is super quiet; don’t even realize it’s on.

My new car had that 'new car smell' from the seats, and mats, and vinyl and cleaning agents, so badly, it was actually making me physically sick. I was worried we'd have to return the car. We ran the Atmofizer in it overnight and the chemical smell was 90% gone the next morning. So relieved!

We just got our Atmofizer air sanitizer and love it! I am amazed with the quality of this product. It is very well made with a thick metal can feel the quality! Usually air purifiers are noisy and take up a lot of space but this one fits easily on our dresser and we can't even hear the fan on the night setting. I also like the fact that we don't have to use any chemicals to clean the air AND we never have to change out a filter!

Atmofizer is amazing! It's doing the job in our offices removing the musty, moldy, old building smell we've experienced and without the obnoxious ozone smell we had from another device. I'm gonna keep it running on high speed as the air feels a whole lot cleaner!!

"I walked into the hallway on my floor from the elevator and was hit with a terrible chemical smell from carpet cleaner. I moved my Atmofizer to the floor outside my door and crossed my fingers. The next morning I was blessed to step out and breathe clean air - it worked; I swear by this product."

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